APCC Intergated Modeling Solution (AIMS)

Welcome to AIMS APCC Integrated Modeling Solution

APCC Intergrated Modeling Solution (AIMS) supports the production of statistical downscaling and evaluation information about seasonal forecast/climate change scenarios. AIMS is a project initiated by the APEC Climate Center. AIMS targets climate change experts and non-experts, and its main purpose is to provice users with easy-to-use tools having many features included in a single solution. AIMS is still in its early stages and many more advanced features will be implemented in the coming years.

Download Link

- AIMS Latest release for windows (AIMS 3.1.3)
- AIMS Sample Data
- AIMS User Manual PDF File (Korean)
- AIMS User Manual PDF File (English)



Modeling numerous Climate Change scenarios can't get any easier than this.


APCC provides best solutions to bring fastest simulations results on your screen.


APCC's proven Climate Change modeling can give you best forecast for various scenarios.

Product Features

Card User Interface

Familiar card based interface brings you up-to-speed on climate change modeling.

Ever-improving software

AIMS is under active development. The software grows as your needs become more sophisticated.

Project-based workflow

All of your works are stored as project. It is easy to find your previous settings.

Release Note